Our Expertise

Payment and Money transfers systems

We enable you to implement cryptocurrency payments easily. Accepting multiple payment methods is a standard practice in every business. This means giving your customers the option to pay in a variety of currencies and methods, such as credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. Accepting cryptocurrencies is the same as accepting foreign currencies or a using a new payment platform.

Writing Smart contracts

We can program smart contracts for your business. A smart contract can be programmed to do anything a regular every-day contract can do. Through using smart contracts, your business will be able to rapidly do business with customers internationally. There are multiple use cases where smart contracts that can all be implemented through blockchain technology, including smart contracts for digital purchases.


Tokenization allows a company to represent assets on the blockchain. These assets could represent physical things such as real estate, or intangible assets such as intellectual property. Tokenization is the perfect way to bring liquidity to previously illiquid assets. Through our blockchain expertise we will represent your assets digitally on the blockchain.

a. The rights to an asset can be stored digitally on a blockchain
b. These rights can be legally transferred via blockchains
c. Tokens can be easily exchanged for value, giving the assets “value”

Authentification / Certification

Traditionally, supply chains are disconnected, siloed and inconsistent. Goods travelling from place to place lack a streamlined “source of truth” for the journey of a product. Blockchain provides this “source of truth” through supply chain certification. We will create a bespoke, world-class supply chain certification system for your business.

Customer Application (loyalty programs)

We can develop loyalty programs that your business and customers will absolutely love. These loyalty programs can reward customers for their repeat purchase behavior, encouraging good-will, increased word of mouth and more revenue. We will develop a state-of-the-art loyalty program that will take your customers’ loyalty to the next level.

Data access management

We will create blockchain based data access managements. We are able to conditionally grant and revoke access to sensitive data to arbitrary numbers of recipients. We process encrypted data while preserving the confidentiality of the inputs and results.

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