Blockchain for Businesses

Why innovative businesses :

Start-ups are a booming part of Switzerland’s economy. In 2016 and 2017, Swiss start-ups received a disclosed sum of venture capital of $1 billion. These new businesses are keen on exploring new areas of technology and how digital solutions can be applied to traditional industries.

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology when applied to businesses. It is particularly revolutionary when applied to average-small businesses. Blockchain has a clear number of use cases across many different industries, including healthcare, banking, luxury goods and many more. However, within an individual business the applications are rich and highly applicable across many different business units. Small businesses can see their operations transformed in many different departments. These departments in which blockchain applications can be applied include finance, supply chain, audit, quality and data management. Applying blockchain to big companies is complicated and takes a long of time. We strongly beleive that real benefits from blockchain will come from average-small buisnesses. They are the backbone of any economy. When blockchain solutions are implemented early, they can grow and develop along with the company. Rather than replacing existing legacy systems with big businesses, average-small businesses can see their capabilities massively increase by adopting blockchain as early as possible.